From June 23 to July 21, the TechNetEMPIRE project, organizes a transcription marathon with the aim of fully transcribing of the document “1790-1940 Listagem Antigos Alunos da Academia de Fortificação, Escola do Exército, Escola da Guerra, Escola da Militar”, belonging to the Arquivo Histórico Militar (AHM).

We need volunteers!

Participate according to your availability. We have about 9000 lines (= 9000 students) to transcribe. Subsequently, the complete and transcribed document will be accessible to all at AHM.

Each sheet of the document has an average of 42 students and the average transcription time of 1 sheet is approximately 2 hours.

Transcribe and join us on Tuesdays!

Participate as much as you want and when you can.

For more information follow the link or contact us at