The Worshop TechNetEMPIRE: Networks, People and Institutions, is an online event that will take place on November 13-14, 2020.

The workshop takes the project theme as a starting point. The aim is to look to agents related to the built environment transformation across Portugal and the Portuguese Empire in order to understand how technoscience networks were created and shaped throughout time and different geographies.
Following the flow of knowledge over time and observing the patterns and agents responsible for the dissemination and circulation of technoscience, one will be looking to an increasingly global world. It is also important to consider the role of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire in this change and transformation process in an increasingly interconnected planet. The time frame considers a period between the creation of the Aula de Fortificação e Arquitectura Militar (Fortification and Military Architecture Class) in 1647 and the shutdown of the Escola Mathemática e Militar (Mathematical and Military School) in Goa in 1871.

The following topics are of particular interest, whether considering global empire analysis or case studies that look at particular geographies in Portugal or in the former Portuguese empire:
– administrative and bureaucratic structures;
– people and agents;
– transformation of the built environment practices;
– relations and networks;
– circulations;
– routines and reforms;
– curriculum theories and practices;
– civil, religious, military schools;
– formal and informal education.

Important Dates:
Call for Papers – by September 13, 2020
Communication of results – until October 2, 2020
Confirmation by the selected participants  – until October 11, 2020
Final Programme – until October 20, 2020
Event – November 13 and 14, 2020

More information:

Scientific Committee:
Alice Santiago Faria (CHAM, NOVA FCSH, Portugal)
Antonieta Reis Leite (CES, UC, Portugal)
Clovis Jucá (UFC, Brasil)
João Cabeleira (Lab2PT, UMinho, Portugal)
Jorge Correia (Lab2PT, UMinho, Portugal)
Renata M. Araújo (CHAM, NOVA FCSH e UAlg, Portugal)

Executive Committee:
Alice Santiago Faria (CHAM, NOVA FCSH, Portugal)
João Cabeleira (Lab2PT, UMinho, Portugal)
Mafalda Pacheco (CHAM, NOVA FCSH, Portugal)
Raquel Seixas (CHAM, NOVA FCSH, Portugal)