11 December Landscapes of Portuguese Influence: Equipment and Public Space

“The representation of power in colonial Timor: from territory to urban space” – Isabel Boavida

CES, Coimbra

25 to 29 November 2nd Ibero-american Congress of Urban History

“Macro territorial connections in the shaping of the Portuguese built environment (1647-1871)”  – Alice Santiago Faria

School of Architecture, UNAM – Mexico City

15, 16 November 39th APHES Meeting

“Circulation, transformation and its agents: technoscientific networks in the Portuguese Empire (1647-1871)” – Mafalda Pacheco

University of Algarve – Gambelas Campus, Faro

13 Novembro Lecture on History of Construction and Fortifications

“Fortification and construction on land, ancient or modern?” – Margarida Tavares da Conceição

SPEHC, Lisboa, Museu do DECivil do IST/ULisboa

7, 8 November 3rd Work Meeting

Nodegoat – Advanced training for team members

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon

5, 6 November Digital Humanities Workshop

Introduction to Network Analisys and the Nodegoat platform – a parntnership with HD_Lab – Digital Humanities Lab of Instituto de História Contemporânea, FCSH/NOVA.

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon

8 October Meetings on Art and Empire

“Global Empires, tacit knowledge and artisanal culture in the Iberian maritime culture of the 16th Century” – Antonio Sánchez

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities

7 October 1st TechNetEMPIRE Workshop

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Lisbon

24 to 27 July ICOHTEC 46th Annual Meeting

“Structures of knowledge and technoscientific networks in the construction of the
Portuguese empire (1647-1871)” – Alice Santiago Faria

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Silesia – Katowice, Poland

14 to 19 July ISECS Congress 2019

“Enlightening the Portuguese Atlantic Islands: Architecture and Land Planning in the Azores General Captaincy” – Antonieta Reis Leite

British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Edinburgh

19 to 21 June Summer program

“My first job experience”

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

24 April 2nd Work Meeting

Library of the CIEC – Centre for Inter-university Camonian Studies

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Coimbra

7 January 1st Work Meeting

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities