Fernanda Bilau has a degree in History from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Coimbra and a postgraduate degree in Tourism, Environment and Local Identity from ISCTE. She is a 3rd cycle and secondary teacher. She currently works at the Sines Schools Group. She is coordinator of the Department of Social and Human Sciences and coordinator of Citizenship and Development. She coordinates the Youth Parliament Program at the Vasco da Gama School in Sines. She is a member of the Pedagogical Council and the Staff Evaluation Section. Since September 2021, she has been developing the Master’s thesis in History of the Portuguese Empire at FCSH-NOVA as part of the TechNetEMPIRE Project entitled “Claudino Augusto Carneiro de Sousa e Faro: director of public works and administrator of the Água Izé farm, subsidies for the biographical knowledge”.