Architect and Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture of the University of Minho (EAUM), he is responsible for the courses of Geometry and Seminar 1C (History and Ucronia). Currently he is the Vice-president of the EAUM, coordinator of the group SpaceR_Lab2PT and member of the EAUM scientific council. Holding a degree in Architecture (2002) and a Master degree in Methodologies of Intervention on Architectural Heritage (2006), both granted by the Architecture Faculty of the University of Porto (FAUP), he concluded his PhD, at EAUM (2015), with the research entitled “Imaginary Architecture: Real and illusory space in Portuguese baroque”. His current research looks into architectural, geometry and perspective treatises searching for the intersections between the optical and geometrical science and architectural design, as well as the theory and practice of spatial representation from the planetary scale to the smaller scale of architectural design.

He organized scientific meetings: “Nasoni, Mateus e a Música de seu tempo” (2018), “Geometria. Práticas no ensino da arquitectura” (2018); joined scientific committees: “A língua que habitamos” (2017), “Geometrias’19” (2018), “2nd International Congress on Landscape Architecture” (2018); presented communications: “Codificar o Infinito. Concepção gráfica e arquitectónica do cosmos” (2014), “Scenografia. Speculazione teorica e l’applicazione pratica della prospettiva nei collegi gesuiti portoghesi” (2015, with João Pedro Xavier), “A Viagem de Cósimo III de Médicis. Imagem da cidade portuguesa de seiscentos, o caso de Santarém” (2016); and published: “Projecting Quadratura image. Euclidean propositions and common practices at painter’s workshop”(Nexus Network Journal, 2016, with João Pedro Xavier), “Andrea Pozzo. Difusão científica e alinhamento do imaginário arquitectónico” (Estudos Italianos, 2017), “Amplifying reality through Quadratura. Contrappunto among corporeal and visual space” (Proceedings of the 2nd International Multidisciplinary Congress, 2016) and “Deconstructing the imaginary space of a Quadratura” (Nexus Network Journal, 2019), among others.

Lab2PT – Landscapes, Heritage and Territory Laboratory | Uminho