Bachelor in Art History and post-graduate in Modern Art History by NOVA FCSH, Lisbon, he is since 2014 a research assistant with The Arts and the Portuguese Expansion work-group in CHAM – Centre for the Humanities|NOVA FCSH – Uaç. Obtained a research fellowship awarded by the House of Braganza Foundation and a fellowship for science management at ITQB | NOVA. Attended two masterclasses coordinated by Koen Ottenheym, respectively, within the research networks PALATIUM (ESF) and The Quest for an Appropriate Past (KNAW – Royal Netherlands Academy of Art and Sciences). Professionally, he mainly dedicated to working as a senior architectural draughtsman in a number of offices in Lisbon.

He was a research fellow with the project “TechNetEMPIRE – Technoscientific Networks in the construction of the built environment in the Portuguese Empire (1647-1871)”, coordinated by Alice Santiago Faria and Renata Malcher de Araujo between May 2019 and March 2020 (11 months).

CHAM – Centre for the Humanities | NOVA FCSH – Uaç