Ph.D student, developing a thesis titled “Military architecture of Portuguese origin in the Arabian Peninsula: the fortifications in Muscat (16th and 17th centuries)” at School of Architecture/University of Minho (EAUM), under supervision of professors Jorge Correia and André Teixeira. Got a Master degree in Architecture (2009) by the same institution. Since then, she has been a Guest Lecturer at that institution, as well as a researcher at the CHAM in Lisbon, studying Portuguese military architecture in Morocco, and more recently, at Lab2PT, integrating the SpaceR research group. Her interests include studies in history of architecture, civil and military architecture and its urban settlements, with special interest in the architecture produced by the Portuguese Maritime Expansion between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries. In this context, she has worked on several research projects, participating in scientific meetings and publishing articles and book chapters in this field.

Lab2PT – Laboratório de Paisagens, Património e Território | UMinho